Isobel’s Unconventional Monique Lhuillier Formal Dress

Isobel is not a conventional girl. She is not into pretty floral dresses, or a normal formal gown. She wanted to create something special, to stand out from the crowd, and to reflect her personality.

Isobel first brought us a picture of Nina Dobrev in this black Monique Lhuillier ensemble. Ping immediately fell in love with the idea, and started planning how to pull off this look.

Isobel and her mum purchased a corset, and two gorgeous feather collar with a curtain of tassels. We helped her to attached one of the collar on to the corset as a belt. Isobel already had a well fitted pair of black pants, so the next step was to create the skirt. To reduce volume and gathering at the waist line, we cut a large piece of organza on a circle. Then we attached tulle on the hem to give it a more structured look like Nina.



The skirt was finished with a satin waist band, and attached onto the corset by hooks and bars. We all think Isobel looked stunning, and arguably better than Nina Dobrev!

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