Female lawyer on top

cassieWe talk to one of our favourite customers, Cassandra Heilbronn, on what it is like to be a female lawyer and why it’s important to dress the part.

Cassandra is a senior associate at Minter Ellison, and has written for and featured in many industry publications.








1. What motivated you to be where you are today?

My willingness to succeed and wanting to be at the top of my game in my chosen profession.

2. Can you describe your fashion personality in 3 words?

Classic and feminine, with a touch of tomboy for the weekends.

3. What role does fashion play in your work life/career?

A lot! I love wearing a different pair of heels each day and have been known to plan my daily outfit based on which pair of shoes I wanted to wear. Thankfully I also work with people who love fashion, and we are always asking each other where an outfit was purchased, or sending through links of potential purchases asking for opinions. It is fantastic that women take pride in their appearance and can show individuality in the workplace through fashion.

4. Why is it important for women dress the part in her career?

It is important to ensure you are dressed appropriately for each occasion. If you look the part, this translates to feeling the part and my girlfriends and I often talk about how our self-confidence is that one step higher if our outfit feels ‘on point’. Stylist, Sara Hatten-Masterson taught me the importance of a well cut and fitted suit, and since I started having all of my suits altered (all at PQ Fashions of course), I can’t go back to simply wearing what I purchased without it being properly fitted! I want my clients to know I take pride in my work, and presenting myself well to them assists in showing that.

5. What is your go to outfit to feel confident and empowered?

Up until today, it would have been my 400co Tamer Suit, but they are about to release the Magnficia Suit online (which is what I am wearing in the picture), and I would have to say this suit is now my favourite go to. I always wear heels and the black allows me to wear statement heels for that added conversation starter.