How to get outfit ready for Racing Season


Dale Olsson (of The Hat Box) shares how she prepares for Racing Season

How do you choose your amazing outfits for the Races?
I like sophisticated clothing, in good quality fabrics. They must be well fitted and in a good style. Choosing something in a flattering colour to my complexion is also very important. I am known to change my outfits completely the day before an event, if one of my milliners bring in a new hat I want to wear. I will co-ordinate my outfit accordingly.

What is your Style Secret?
I’m a perfectionist who likes to look her best. If I buy an outfit that doesn’t fit perfectly, I come to PQ fashions and they will fit it perfectly for me. The fit is very important for me. If you want to look your best, it must fit correctly. Especially since I work in the fashion industry, one must look the part.

What tip could you give to other women?
If you look good you feel good. Try and discover your own personal fashion styles that evolves over the years. when I was young I made a lot of fashion errors, looking back on old photos, wondering what was I thinking? Over time, you develop your personal style, just try things out.
It’s important if you are a business person not to look cheap, having the skirt too short, or top too revealing. Women need to look classy and elegant, in a pair of good leather shoes, with a beautiful designer handbag, and some good accessories.