How to get outfit ready for Racing Season


Dale Olsson (of The Hat Box) shares how she prepares for Racing Season

How do you choose your amazing outfits for the Races?
I like sophisticated clothing, in good quality fabrics. They must be well fitted and in a good style. Choosing something in a flattering colour to my complexion is also very important. I am known to change my outfits completely the day before an event, if one of my milliners bring in a new hat I want to wear. I will co-ordinate my outfit accordingly.

What is your Style Secret?
I’m a perfectionist who likes to look her best. If I buy an outfit that doesn’t fit perfectly, I come to PQ fashions and they will fit it perfectly for me. The fit is very important for me. If you want to look your best, it must fit correctly. Especially since I work in the fashion industry, one must look the part.

What tip could you give to other women?
If you look good you feel good. Try and discover your own personal fashion styles that evolves over the years. when I was young I made a lot of fashion errors, looking back on old photos, wondering what was I thinking? Over time, you develop your personal style, just try things out.
It’s important if you are a business person not to look cheap, having the skirt too short, or top too revealing. Women need to look classy and elegant, in a pair of good leather shoes, with a beautiful designer handbag, and some good accessories.

Australia Day Miss Cocky Winner

Photo 27-01-2015 5 09 58 pm


Jillian Hamilton won the title of Miss Cocky, at the Story Bridge Hotel in 2008. She has never forgotten the glory and excitement that came with the title. 2015, she Jillian wants to reclaim her throne, and commissioned PQ Fashions to make her an one-of-a-kind and memorable dress to help her reach her goal.
Photo 16-01-2015 1 48 23 pm

With four souvenir Australia flags, and an old favourite Dogstar dress, our dressmaker Elaine was able to create this amazing outfit! Photo 26-01-2015 4 40 56 pm

Jillian was over the moon. Look at her posing in this picture.

And she was not the only fan of the dress. At the Story Bridge Hotel on Australia Day, Jillian was once again, crowned Miss Cocky!

Photo 27-01-2015 5 09 48 pmPhoto 27-01-2015 5 09 55 pmPhoto 27-01-2015 5 10 03 pm

“Epic Dressmakers. Thanks for such an epic dress. Well done Elaine and the team! I recommend you guys any day.

Jillian Hamilton”



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Creating a stunning formal dress for Anitah

Anitah knows what she loves. She loves Sherlock Holmes, she loves singing and she loves a bold yet elegant formal dress.

After having a Sherlock Holmes costume made by PQ Fashions in July, Anitah had no doubt that we were the place to come to again, to create her dream formal dress.

Over 3 months, between choir rehearsal, school exams and G20 holidays, Anitah and her mum Carolyn flew back and forth from Townsville, for design and fitting sessions to perfect her formal dress.


Anitah was absolutely in love with her dress once it was all completed, and she looked simply stunning.

10887952_10205723570237396_1215676045_n 10893432_10205723570317398_2081476177_n

“Absolutely thrilled with all the work Ping and her team did on this Prom Dress. From understanding and working with Anitah’s own design, waiting patiently for our fabric supply and of course the actual making and fittings. Ping and Jo were outstanding and we will never go anywhere else now! Earlier in the year PQ made a Sherlock Holmes coat for us and that was amazing so we didn’t have to think twice about where to get the Prom dress made. It was vital that someone could work with the European lace and fit in with our fleeting visits to Brisbane from Central Qld. for fittings etc. Ping you are treasure!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Carolyn and Anitah”



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Isobel’s Unconventional Monique Lhuillier Formal Dress

Isobel is not a conventional girl. She is not into pretty floral dresses, or a normal formal gown. She wanted to create something special, to stand out from the crowd, and to reflect her personality.

Isobel first brought us a picture of Nina Dobrev in this black Monique Lhuillier ensemble. Ping immediately fell in love with the idea, and started planning how to pull off this look.

Isobel and her mum purchased a corset, and two gorgeous feather collar with a curtain of tassels. We helped her to attached one of the collar on to the corset as a belt. Isobel already had a well fitted pair of black pants, so the next step was to create the skirt. To reduce volume and gathering at the waist line, we cut a large piece of organza on a circle. Then we attached tulle on the hem to give it a more structured look like Nina.



The skirt was finished with a satin waist band, and attached onto the corset by hooks and bars. We all think Isobel looked stunning, and arguably better than Nina Dobrev!

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Gwen’s new jacket

Gwen has had many garments made by PQ Fashions over the years. When she found this gorgeous printed silk at Alla Moda Fabrics, she knew she had to see Ping quickly.

Lace prints were positioned on her body, to achieve the best effect. We used a black satin trim to boarder the neckline, and sleeves to finish off the look.


We finished the look by placing two small hooks and eyes near the neck of the jacket. It is completely hidden, thereby giving the jacket a polished finish.

Gwen loved her new jacket, and is planning on wearing it to many special occasions to come.